In August 2003, Grandmaster Gareth was asked by John Peel to record a Peel Session. He decided to make a 17 minute ‘Monster Melody’ in order to take up as much airtime as possible. It aired on Radio One on the 17th of September 2003.

Son of Monster Melody was recorded in the Winter of 2005 and included on the CD version of ‘The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth’ as a bonus track.

1. Monster Melody

  1. Entering the Monster Melody
  2. Meet Cartoon Monkey
  3. War is Not Healthy for Children
  4. The Spinach Armada
  5. Less Indie More Hindi
  6. Pogo Time
  7. The Sound of Yourself Listening
  8. Dueling Multi-Instrumentalists
  9. Dr Dre Has a Mid-Life Crisis
  10. The Noises Made by Stupid People
  11. A Nasty Piece of Work
  12. It’s a Small World

2. Son of Monster Melody

  1. Birth of a Monster
  2. Let Go
  3. How to Pick Up Girls
  4. Trouble Afoot
  5. What’s Wrong?
  6. The Great Mixing Desk in the Sky
  7. Gruppe Minuten
  8. Queen Kong
  9. Monster Segments
  10. Uncle Scary’s Birthday Party
  11. Dr Dre and His Quest
  12. All Things Bright and Beautiful