The Young Person’s Guide To Misty’s Big Adventure Posted 8th July 2019 by gareth

A foolish person by the name of Pete Bonner who runs Psychotron Records approached us to see if we might be interested in releasing a Misty’s Big Adventure compilation on double coloured vinyl. Reluctantly we said yes as obviously we generally feel the less people who get to hear our music the better. This required painfully revisiting our albums to painstakingly pick out the songs we felt might best introduce Misty’s to someone who had never heard us before. Not an easy task. Whilst doing this we also approached the artist Tanya Meditzky who designed our debut album cover for ‘The Solar Hi-Fi System’ to see if she would be up for creating the gatefold sleeve, labels and accompanying A3 poster. She reluctantly agreed. Annoyingly she did an incredible job which means people might actually buy it. And to make things worse, when we finally heard the complete album on record, the songs sounded better than we’d ever heard them. This whole thing has been a disaster as it’s almost definitely something people will want to own.

So there you have it. Coming soon (probably end of September) ‘The Young Person’s Guide To Misty’s Big Adventure’, 24 songs on double red and blue vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and including a bonus CD version and A3 poster. We shall also be doing a number of shows throughout October to dissuade you from purchasing it. These shall be announced shortly, as well as the precise release date.
Contain yourselves.

Grandmaster Gareth