NEW EP AND VIDEO OUT TODAY! Posted 2nd November 2015 by gareth


I am writing to inform you our new EP ‘How Not To Get Into The Music Industry’ is out today as a download and limited edition CD/self help booklet. You can listen/order it here…
We have also made a video for one of the tracks. It’s called ‘Nom Nom’ and the video is sort of like a weird M&S advert/total rip off of Fade To Grey. Watch it here…

In case the context of this new EP is lost on you, I signed a publishing contract a few years ago and started getting sent lists of ‘artists’ who were looking for songs. Ronan Keating was looking for songs referencing getting back with his wife. Rhianna was looking for “interesting co-writes”. Will Young was looking for songs that sounded like Bronski Beat. He seemed to be looking for ages which nearly prompted me to write and suggest he just got in touch with Bronski Beat. Sometimes the lists would provide helpful instructions like “must have big chorus”. So contrived is most of the music being produced that it seemed only right that we should take the piss out of it. So we have. The EP comes with a self help booklet detailing the story behind these four songs and my inability to write a hit. This is part one of the story. Part two will be ‘How Not To Get Into The Advertising Industry’.

Hope you like it and thanks for your continued support of our endeavours.
Take care,
Grandmaster Gareth