Xmas Gigs and Wind in the Willows Posted 17th December 2014 by gareth

We have two Xmas gigs in Manchester and Birmingham coming up….
19th of December – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
24th of December – The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Without giving too much away, they will feature Jam Jars, Wombles, Snowmen, Mince Pies and Daleks, as well as Dumbettes, Munty Biscuit, Biscuits and Erotic Volvos.

Meanwhile, in Oxford at the North Wall theatre, there is a production of Wind In The Willows on until the 10th of January for which I wrote all the music and was musical director. It’s really very funny and I’m proud to have worked on it. You will definitely be able to tell I composed all the tunes! Children will enjoy it but there’s a lot in it for adults too. I believe it’s what they call a family show! It’s not your average version of Wind In The Willows. General reviews have said it’s “utterly bonkers”, “nuts” and “surreal”. I have no idea what they’re talking about!
Here are the dates…

Definitely go if you can!
And definitely go to our Xmas gigs!
And definitely have a good Xmas even if you can’t make any of this stuff.
Grandmaster Gareth