What Are You Even Doing? Posted 17th October 2014 by gareth

My nephew Joseph asked me this question a couple of years ago. I still don’t know the answer. Stumped by a seven year old. I no longer buy him Christmas presents.

I can’t tell you what we’re even doing, but I can tell you what we’ve been doing. I’ve been working on the music for a theatre production of Wind In The Willows. It’s on at The North Wall in Oxford in December. I offered to play the part of Toad but apparently they want someone who can act.

We’ve recorded some songs for a new EP called ‘How To Not Get Into The Music Industry’. And also the next single from The Dumbettes entitled ‘Egyptian Shumba’. They should be out fairly soon. And then we start recording our 6th proper album ‘The Brain Cupboard’, which is now pretty much good to go. We have two gigs this month. The 22nd of October at The Windmill in Brixton, London. And the 25th of October at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham. KateGoes will be supporting us at both of these shows and you should definitely see them play. More shows to be announced soon.

We should soon have some Misty’s tea towels for sale. But in the meantime, buy all our albums…

Quite a serious blog this one wasn’t it. Not many jokes. I will leave you with knowledge…
Satan likes a coffee at Godforsaken Services.
He says at least in Hell you don’t need a spray tan.
The Spray Tans fought against The Persians in 480 BC led by King Leonidas.
They are now led by Simon Cowell.

Grandmaster Gareth